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Martyn DeLaFunq on 103.7 Da Beat




"a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others"

Anyone today can be a "DJ"...

But not everyone can be a "DJ that creates a vibe."

Exposed to Rock & Roll, Country, Tejano, Funk, House, Disco, Freestyle & Hip Hop, Verchicon ENT brings the nightlife "vibe" to you from the clubs, bars, and mixshows.

With headquarters located in Cape Coral, FL, we proudly serve all Southwest Florida locations.

Martyn DeLaFunq, DJ/Owner of Verchicon Entertainment Mobile DJ Services

With that old school feel and prolific exposure to the classics, Martyn De La Funq was brought into this world by a family of musicians and DJs...